It can be really difficult to share your emotional life with others, so I am very grateful to Kristin for finding the courage to write her #myNCTstory.


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The NCT saved my life. Literally.

11 years ago I joined the NCT, went on my antenatal course, made friends and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Nothing out of the ordinary there and that could have been it. Fast forward about 18 or so months and I was a mother of two little girls, looking at the black hole that had become my life. Postnatal depression took hold of me after the birth of my second daughter, total darkness took over.

However, somewhere in the bleak despair a little voice spoke to me, it reminded me of the amazing person who facilitated my antenatal classes. So somehow I managed to muster up the energy to contact her and ask ‘how do I do what you do?’

She was amazing and a couple of months later I was on my way to my first tutorial. Those women and my fabulous tutor supported me, picked me up, inspired me and guided me towards a new and better normal.

My anxiety and depression is still there, and rears its ugly head at the worst of times, but because I don’t stand alone it has never stopped me. I am part of a sisterhood of women, I am never alone!