I’m gathering some wonderful messages and blogposts from NCT story tellers, and the list so far is below. As 2016 is the diamond anniversary of the founding of NCT it would be great if we could get at least 60!

My original blogpost, with more stories in the comments.

“At no point did anyone from NCT tell us what we should do or how we should do it; then as now it was about helping us to find our own way. “

“One of the most incredible things about becoming a parent is the way we change in ways we can never anticipate.”

“Loneliness, isolation and postnatal depression do not discriminate; anyone irrespective of ‘class’ or income can be affected. NCT IS there for everyone.”

“On enquiring to the local tutor about enrolling, at some point when my son was old enough to be left, maybe in a year or so, she replied ‘Nonsense! Start at once, bring your baby with you, this is the NCT’.”

“I was young, pregnant and very, very alone.”

A volunteer’s story

Informed choices not informed consent

“NCT saved my life, my sanity, gave me a purpose, gave me confidence”

“With the second baby, I requested a birth mat and birthed her on my hands and knees. She landed on the blue birthing mat right next to the words ‘DONATED BY HACKNEY NCT’.”

NCT “occupies that awkward space between public health messages, personal experience and research.”

“Salvation arrived in the form of an NCT newsletter, posted through my door by a local volunteer.”

“I was so inspired by the woman who was the breastfeeding counsellor that I decided that my life had to take the path of supporting others.”

Search on Twitter using #mynctstory for some (very short) NCT stories.

What’s your NCT story? And do you know any NCT Old Girls (or boys)? I’d like to hear their stories too.