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I’ve been here, there and all over the place this past year. My darling, difficult, pain-in-the-bum Pa (pictured here with Firstborn) died at the end of last year, the day after his 70th birthday. My mother-in-law died 10 days before that. My mother has dementia and is driving me BONKERS, and I’m very nearly menopausal.


On the upside, we’ve had some lovely holidays this year, including several Firsts for hubby – visiting Brighton Pavillion and pier, seeing Spamalot and driving through Kent (more photos of that to follow once I get round to uploading them).

brighton2 brighton1

We had a week in Pembrokeshire, admiring the scenery, the plant life, and the handsomeness of Third-and-Final Son (although he could do with a haircut).

foxglove1 foxglove2


My nieces are adorable, and my family makes me laugh.


gokart1 gokart2

I joined the Mirfield Agricultural Show committee and had a ball. Hard work, lovely people and such a relief to spend time with something that was nothing to do with all the stress and strain of work and family life.


Much more has happened, giving me many reasons to count my blessings and feel thankful. Which is good, given that I am still prone to missing Dad. He was carried to his eternal rest in a carriage drawn by a pair of black horses, followed by five more horses and ponies ridden by friends. We followed on in the official cars and were soothed by the sound of trotting hooves.