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There is nothing like the excitement, joy and delight of seeing Proper Post landing on the doormat.

T’internet, email and Facebook are all great and much used by me. I even have fond feelings for Yahoo groups, my first venture (over 10 years ago) into online communities. Fab for quickly finding, and making, friends with a variety of singular interests.

But as the newness palls, I am reminded of the loveliness of old-fashioned methods of communication – postcards, parcels and letters (and not the ones from the taxman or dental reminders).

Most recently I have had postcards from friends both in the UK and further afield, little gifts, and my new teatowels from the Discworld Emporium (Thieves’ Guild and Anoia, the Goddess of things stuck in kitchen drawers – a very reasonably priced deal for the Glorious 25th of May).

So this weekend it is my turn to despatch some Proper Post delight. Hurrah for postcards!