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Another old post recovered from Draft status.

I had planned to add several more pictures of bridges as I find them wonderfully beautiful. Another day, perhaps.

I spent Christmas rereading Ariana Franklin’s (aka Diana Norman) The Serpent’s Tale. It’s set in the time of Henry II, around Christmas, and the frozen river Thames and a bridge across it play a fairly major part. At one point in the story the author writes about how precious and sacred bridges were to the populations they served. This must have stuck in my mind, because when I went out (with my new camera!) with Sparky on Christmas Day I ended up on the bridge we used to cross on our summer route home from school.



I have no idea how old the stonework is. The ugly metal rails were added relatively recently. We would lean on them as we played pooh sticks.


It has been a wet and miserable summer. The hay crop is particularly poor. I just found this draft post from July 2009, when we had heat and sunshine.

Ripening grass smells heavenly out in the sun on a hot, dry day.

grass3 jul09

A weekend away in the Lake District, minus sons and dogs. Lovely.

The view over Lake Windermere:

Hills and cows:

And again, because I couldn’t decide which shot I liked the best:

Airey Force:

And a detour on the way home to see the Ribblehead Viaduct:

It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be.

I know, I’m being a lousy blogger. Lots of stuff has happened (and photographs have been taken) but marshalling thoughts to write about them has been too much for me.

Biggest thing: Son-in-the-Middle has left home for university, although he is currently home for the weekend and explaining the finer points of theoretical physics coursework to his younger brother. I do miss him, even though he’s only 10 miles away and easily contactable by IM, SMS and email. However I have also been amazed by how much head space I’ve gained with one son out of the house and Firstborn old enough to look after himself . Third-and-final suddenly has undivided attention from me and his father!

Consequently I am thinking about work and career options much more. New things are happening, which I will be getting paid for eventually, but I could really  do with a salaried position to start digging my way out of my pit of debt.

I am very, very lucky to have acquired a fabulous mentor, who has so much faith in me and is making a big effort to introduce me to people and extol my skills. So I have to (wo)man-up; time to abandon old habits such as avoiding doing things due to my fear of failure or letting people down.

Unfortunately, increasing independence in my children is coinciding with decreases in health for my parents. I did not appreciate the first decade of parenthood enough – the one where my sons were relatively biddable and I knew where they were at all times, and when my parents were fit and healthy and did not need hospital visits and accompanying to time-consuming doctor appointments!

Husband and I are moving into new and interesting times, what with the changes noted above plus the physical changes I can feel happening in my body. I am 45 years old – need to spend much more time taking care of my general health. Only problem is,  so many things I would like to do such as going to a yoga class, having a massage, going horseriding again, need time and particularly money. Which I don’t have.

So everything hinges on job searching.