I'm Mugsy. That's Bugsy. You don't get no hugsy.

Some days, when working at the family business, I feel all bright and happy. Like I’m achieving something. Like I’m making something cute and beautiful (see above). The subjects of my work may not appreciate it overmuch, but I reckon my efforts are making them lovely.

And then there are the days when I feel like a dog howling at the moon:

(The pug picture is courtesy of the amazingly wonderful Cute Overload blog. I borrowed the howling from another blog).

Edited to add a PS: On reflection it is not just family business which makes me want to howl – it’s all bloody business. Including my own.

PPS: This morning I reached for a book (to read in the bath) and found myself with Dick Francis’ Hot Money in my hand. Anyone interested in family dynamics should read this book, it is awesome – which is why I’m reading it for possibly the 200th time.