“I like reading your blog,” my brother Jimbob said today. ” You write from the heart. I can hear you speak as I read.”

What a fabulous thing to say to a sister.

He had one complaint; that I do not post often enough. So here I am, Saturday evening, sprawled on the sofa with a dog curled up beside me to keep me warm, laptop open and thinking hard. What can I write about today that comes from the heart.



I ate too much jelly and ice cream for my tea. My husband filled the bowl and brought it to me, and I ate it all for the jelly was Rowntree’s strawberry and smelt delicious and the ice cream was Mackie’s Traditional, in my opinion the finest ice cream in the world. It looked rather like the bowlful above but not quite – I borrowed this image from someone else’s website as I was more intent on eating than photography.

But first of all I had a little sandwich, with a few crisps, and then some pizza. Then the jelly and ice cream. Plus I made a cake this afternoon, and I have to eat at least a small piece of that.

So it’s a fair bet that I’ll be suffering from heartburn before bedtime.

Here endeth today’s words from the heart.