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I have this friend, Pat. We’ve never actually met, she is an internet pal and I am waiting for her to come to Yorkshire. Anyway, Pat’s a hoot and a gem, and another internet pal (who I have actually met, in person, real time, face to face) mentioned once how Pat was a bird expert. Since then, every time I see a bird I take a photo and think: “I’ll send that to Pat.” Which I then didn’t do, so here they are. Pat, I hope you like them. They’re mainly pretty bog standard British birds, so I’m hoping they’re a bit more exotic to a citizen of the good old US of A.

Seagull on a post at Flamborough Head.

A swan and two geese on the Calder at Horbury Bridge. The swan looked like it was putting a nest together but the main reason I liked this pic was because the birds look a little like they’re sailing boats down the river.

A heron at Hardcastle Crags.

Goose at Mablethorpe. Loads of these geese live on a tiny, nearly bald island in the middle of a park boating lake in Mablethorpe (very small seaside town on the north Lincolnshire coast). They don’t bother to build any nests, yet lay masses of eggs which roll down the slope to be caught by the kerb edging the island.

Exhibition pigeons at Mirfield Show.

And finally, walking along in a London park this week I came across this rather magnificent white bird, perched placidly in the middle of the lake:

Is it a heron? A pelican? Any answers welcome, because I don’t have a clue.

Then, a little further along the path, I saw two more of them:

They were busy ducking their heads under the water to scoop it up in their bills. 


I stood and watched them until they’d had enough, floating off down the water and fluffing their glistening white wings in the sunshine.

That do you for now, Pat?