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First steps from Cute Niece, on a sunny day in August:

All too soon, she decided it was too tiring and rested beneath the climbing frame.

Whilst her brother scrambled all over the top.


On Bank Holiday Monday we went for a walk, and came upon an unexpected sight – lovely sunflowers nodding their heads in a West Yorkshire field.

They overlook a field of wheat, sprinkled with poppies and other wildflowers, which has been grown as food/ ground cover for the partridges and pheasants for a nearby shoot.

Okay, so the wheat is past its best. But the whole made a perfect picture, and such a pleasant change.

Sis, Dad and I took Dalhoumie Foxy Lady to the Dales Pony Society Performance Show, where she went like a dream.

Dad took one look at this pic and said: “Who’s that old man?” We told him to shut up, drink his Complan, and plan a showing schedule for her for next year.

This pony is far too good to stay in the field.

All ages are entertained by bubbles. Well, in my family at least.

Top tip: bubble swords cost £3.50 in the RHS shop at Harlow Carr Gardens. I got two for £1 in a cheap shop in Dewsbury.

Dewsbury – home of cheapskates.