Maddie, the agoraphobic terrier, has gone missing. She nipped off with her son, Buster, when my sister’s back was turned. Buster came back two days later, but still no Maddie and my sister is distraught.

We had news that a dog matching her description had been handed into a vet’s in Mirfield, but then they handed her on to a dog rescue place. They, in turn, stuck her in a temporary home but then told my sis that she had run away from there, somewhere in Huddersfield.

So if you’re in West Yorkshire, please keep your eyes peeled. Parson Russell terrier bitch, small with a rough coat. White body, black spot at the base of her tail and black patches on her back legs. Black nose, two black ears and a tan patch over one eye.

Come home Maddie. Buster and Willis need a woman to keep them in line.

ADDENDUM: Maddie is home! Long story, but hopefully someone is in big, big trouble for this.