Argh, argh, argh, aaaargh, AAAAARGH! I so wanted this bloody essay done by tomorrow. That is not going to happen. If I’m lucky I may get a final-ish draft to Cathy. I had plans for lots of writing today, which were scuppered by my crappy filing system and being unable to find the extra paperwork I needed.

Consequently, the study doesn’t look too bad – well, you can see the desk top – but the dining room isn’t so good as I’ve moved all unallocated paperwork onto the dining table in an attempt to sort through it. S***b*****d****.

Okay, going for serenity here. The last two days’ of quotes from the good Advent calendar:

And all went to be enrolled, each to his own city. Luke 2:3

And Joseph also went, with Mary his betrothed. Luke 2:4-5

The picture revealed with the second quote is lovely. It’s set in the big stained glass window (the calendar features a church interior) and is Mayr and Joseph with donkey. Mary has a halo, Joseph does not. Is that right?

Other calendar pics: a lantern, robin, toy dog on wheels (WTF?), trumpet, goose, crown. I am not terribly impressed.

Chocolate shapes: I think today’s is supposed to be a Christmas cracker. Can’t tell you previous days as stress means I have scarfed them down without looking. Today’s lunch: half a giant packet of crispy potato shapes (sour cream and jalapeno pepper flavour from M&S) and some more chocolate that I found in the fridge.