December 6: Mary went with haste into the hill country to Elizabeth. Luke 1:39-45. Pciture of Mary with a staff. Very nice

December 7: Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth; sing the glory of his name.  Psalm 66:1-4. Angels sitting around with harps.

Goose calendar: a piece of mistletoe (pretty good) and some carol singers (also good). Maybe the goose calendar is on the right path now.

Street scene: Can’t even find number 7. Oh, there is it, tucked behind a chimney. And after all that effort, the picture is – big drum roll – half a lemon? Why?

Mars calendar: Not going to bother, partly because they are boring (apart from the flavour) and also because I am not yet into the eating time zone. I’m on my last day of antibiotics for the Septic Finger, thank God. I have to take them an hour before food, on an empty stomach. I don’t do empty stomachs. I also have to quite careful about what I eat. I took one at 4.30pm last week, expecting m’husband to have tea ready at 5.30pm before I went out at 6pm. Due to unforeseen complications it wasn’t ready, so I grabbed a banana – and suffered the worst indigestion I have ever had, all evening. So I avoided fruit and veg from that point on, and devoted myself to the all-carb diet. Then Cathy fed me some delicious salads on Friday lunchtime. Most of my body was ecstatic, in an “At Last! Thank God!” sort of way, but my stomach was not playing with the team and kept grumbling sulkily in the corner: “I’m not happy. I’m just not happy.” I tried to keep both sides content by eating loads of coleslaw with my pizza on Saturday evening, but I just ended up extremely bloated and uncomfortable. Today I am buying more Yakult, and taking at least a double dose for the next week.