Okay, so this isn’t the best picture I ever took – even I can see that the light levels are all over the place – but this was a lovely, chance finding.

flower fest sept09

I had been to an antenatal class reunion in Flockton when I came across this flower festival at the parish church of St James the Great. I went up to the door to peer inside, and the parish ladies were still there and said I was welcome to look around, and would I like to buy a programme. So I did.

I love church flower festivals, mainly because they remind me of my Nanna. She was a stalwart of St Mary and St Michael at Whitley Lower and we would often go with her to clean church, or tidy up flowers, or get ready for the church bazaar – I still get very excited at the prospect of a church bazaar. When you grow up in a teeny tiny village in the 70s, the church bazaar is one of the highlights of the year.

My Nanna cannot speak any more, or recognise anyone. She has dementia. Unfortunately for her she is ‘a creaking gate’ – doesn’t appear that physically strong but with amazing powers of recovery from accidents, operations etc. So she lives in a nursing home with constant care, away from the house of which she used to say “they’ll only take me from here in a box.”