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Too much going on. Too much to worry about. Money, teenagers, husband. Essays not getting written.

I finally got to the allotment this week, after a few weeks’ absence, and I grouched at SarahP and mentioned that I was thinking about getting a different job. “No,” she said, decisively. “You’re mithered. Even if it was a bog standard job working on the checkout at Asda it would take up brain space you don’t have.”

Fair enough.

And then today m’husband and I found a dog. He was running along the middle of a main road, limping and looking bewildered. We leapt out of the car and cornered him on a building site, where he peed in terror. Husband noticed there was an airgun pellet lodged under one eye and he was very thin, although his coat was in quite good condition. He was too scared to eat or drink but husband stood next to him and he leaned against his leg, before curling up on the ground at his feet.

We called the dog warden so he could get some veterinary treatment and be checked to see if anyone had reported him missing. I gave the warden our phone number so she could let us know what was happening with him, and after she phoned back later in the afternoon I called the rescue kennels where he had been placed to say we were interested in rehoming him. They said no! They would not place an adult dog in a home which had cats.

After 8 days our rescue, if unclaimed, will move to a dogs’ home in Newark – bloody miles away. Apparently that place will do more work with him, such as testing to see if he is okay around cats. So I will keep phoning and checking what is happening with him. He did seem such a lovely dog. A collie type, I think. Black and white, quite a short coat. But bloody Newark is bloody miles away. And I’m already mithered. Too mithered even to upload pictures from my camera and stick them on my blog. Maybe another adoption would not be a good idea.

But he was a lovely dog. And we found him – or did he find us?

ADDENDUM: I phoned the kennels on the 8th day, to be told that the dog had been claimed by his owners. Good news. I think.