Yet again I am fed up, tired and depressed. I’ve had enough of being a mother to teenagers (one of them in particular) and working weird hours. I’ve only been back from holiday two weeks and I’m worn out already. I’m worried about money and I’m not getting any essays written.

Yesterday I had an appointment to discuss said essays with Cathy, my colleague and temporary tutor. Due to total lack of progress I seriously considered cancelling, but then decided that it was always good to see Cathy, it’s a nice drive through countryside to her house and, very important point, my preferred route takes me past the farm shop so I could buy my favourite cake and perk myself up. At which point good things started to happen:

Good Thing #1: The drive takes me through my home village. The sun was shining, the fields have been shorn of hay and corn, and the light was beautiful. At one particular viewpoint my heart swelled so much I nearly burst into tears. Sorry, no pictures of that. As per usual I was running late, and so couldn’t stop.

Good Thing #2: Excellent conversation with Cathy about work, study, teenagers and other stuff.

Good Thing #3: I bought chocolate brownies at the farm shop. Not what I went for, but still a good cake.

Good Thing #4: On my way home m’father flagged me down and gave me a big hug which smelt deliciously horsey. He and Gordon were working Foxy in the field.

seekcake1 aug09

She’s only been in harness a week, but she’s going really well. Look at those hocks – stepping under beautifully.

Good Thing #5: I got an ecstatic welcome from Walter, m’father’s wirebrush terrier:

seekcake2 aug09

Good Thing #6: Standing and watching the mares and foals.

seekcake3 aug09

Look closely – can you see how Belle (or is it Grace?) has got her foot up on Duke’s back:

seekcake4 aug09

From now on, this is my motto:

Seek cake, for happiness will surely follow.