gyshorse15 jul09

Alice gets a final polish in the collecting ring before heading into the Ridings Ring for the yearling and two-year-old class at the Great Yorkshire Show.

I was holding the grooming bucket. I was also very much on my toes, so to speak, as I hadn’t planned to be joining the collecting ring crew and so was wearing a summer skirt and flip flops. Alice and Jasmine (below, with m’father) are good girls, but other people’s yearlings aren’t always so well behaved. Plus, these are horses with big feet, so a slight shock to any one of them can hit the barefooted human hard. My plan was to stand on the sidelines with m’husband, waving supportively, but then m’father spotted me and thrust the bucket upon me.

gyshorse16 jul09

Note to self: if attending a show where father and ponies are also present, ALWAYS wear boots. No matter what the weather.