Have I blogged about my crochet habit before? It started when I went to the US two years ago when my most excellent friend Jenny, who is a crocheting whizz as well as a bestselling author, gave me a crochet needle, a ball of yarn and a couple of lessons. I sat through various sessions at the Cherry Con we were attending with my needle working away, and produced a rather lumpy looking scarf.

Back home I spotted a book, The Happy Hooker, and prevailed upon my husband to buy me a copy. What with the wonderfully clear instructions in there, plus the hands on lessons I’d had from Jenny, I was away with the crochet fairies in no time and loving it. I’ve stuck to simple stuff, like scarves and baby blankets, and even discovered a favourite yarn – Sirdar Snuggly baby bamboo DK. Here are some of my creations, as modelled by Firstborn Son:

crochet1 aug09

A chunky, snuggly scarf in hot pink. Very simple to make; I used a very thick hook and a triple crochet stitch.

crochet2 aug09

Another scarf, this one in a Sirdar DK denim yarn. This was the start of my love of the shell stitch.

crochet3 aug09

A not-quite-finished blanket for a friend’s not-yet-born baby, Ziggy, hence all the loose ends. It’s my favourite baby bamboo yarn in yet more shell stitch, and I’ll do a border once I’ve got enough length to it.

crochet4 aug09

Another unfinished project, this time a shawl in a very open shell stitch. I have a sneaking feeling the yarn is too lightweight, but I’m going to keep going anyway. It’s cream shot through with gold threads which the camera didn’t pick up.

Anyway, the reason I’m getting excited about crochet today is because of an email offering me free patterns! Some time ago I signed up for a newsletter from Lion Brand yarn. It pops up in my inbox every week, and is a really relaxing thing to read when I’m stressed out with self-employment. I print off a pattern most weeks too. Now they’ve announced that they’re making 2,700 patterns available for free, and I’m thrilled!

It’s the small things that keep me happy.