I’ve always had a lot of respect for cheese. Some people may malign dairy products, but not me. Milk, and cheese, are one of the oldest foods known to man and so I always go into the cheese show at the Great Yorkshire to pay homage.

gyscheese1 jul09

I think these were stilton. My favourite cheese in the whole food hall was a Red Leicester called Sparkenhoe. Absolutely delicious. Red Leicester is usually a bit rubbery, but this is proper farm made stuff and it was gorgeous.

gyscheese2 jul09

This is not Sparkenhoe. This is a different type of cheese, although when SarahP and I were walking round the exhibits we first thought someone had melted a child’s plastic toy. There were no samples so I don’t know if it tastes better than it looks. Cryer and Stott have a stall on Wakefield indoor market, so I shall have to go there for a bit.

gyscheese3 jul09

Bow down and worship! It’s Yorkshire’s supreme champion cheese! A Double Gloucester, by the way.