What can I say, other than life has been a bit hectic what with shows, holidays, essays and teenage shenanigans. There have been no photos posted in, ooooh, way too long. However, I have taken plenty, and here’s a few of my favourite subject: horses. All at the Great Yorkshire Show.

gyshorse9 jul09

This was my top favourite sight from this year’s show, a team of Friesian stallions  in the coaching class. Magnificent. I thought I had a pic of them in motion but my photo skills, such as they are, seem to have deserted me. Instead, here’s another team, this one of chestnut hackneys:

gyshorse13 jul09

gyshorse12 jul09

I liked this team too. I can’t remember the breeding, but they were big horses – much bigger up close than they appeared in the ring:

gyshorse10 jul09

The coach and fours are magnificent, marvellous, and bring a tear to my eye. The following team also brought a tear, but this time of hilarity. It’s a scurry team. They’re fast, furious, absolutely tiny when compared to the coach and four, and also extremely funny:

gyshorse8 jul09