Maddie the agoraphobic terrier has given birth to six beautiful puppies.

puppies1 jul09

According to m’sister, they were about the size of mice when they were born three weeks ago. She has been weighing them regularly and most of them are now a lovely, cuddly, pound and a half. Take for example, this lovely little bitch with the black ears, below.

puppies2 jul09

I think we should get one so Sparky has a canine companion in the house. M’husband is doing his best to insist that one dog is enough, but I’m losing my heart to that little pup.

And then there’s Lester. M’sister has only named one pup, and she has yet to give me a coherent reason why she has called him Lester. She insists that she won’t be keeping any of the pups but I have my doubts about that.

puppies3 jul09

Lester is the pup who takes up all m’sister’s spare time and devotion, for he tips the scales at a mere 11 ounces.