The world can be grinding you down, and then you go and rest your eyes on a productive allotment, and all is right once more.

allotment1 jul09

I am extremely envious of the luscious lettuces growing on a nearby plot.

allotment2 jul09

The pampered strawberries fruiting across the path.

allotment3 jul09

The thick patch of peas climbing up their netting.

allotment4 jul09

And the fact that someone had the time to make a scarecrow to watch over their brassicas.

allotment5 jul09

Beetroot. Oh how I love beetroot. Both its beauty whilst growing in the garden, and its flavour on the plate. We put a row in, but only two seedlings have come through. So I buy it on the market and admire it on other people’s plots.

Next year, says SarahP. Next year Little Fish will be bigger, and we will start sooner. We will plant our broad beans in January and they will be even bigger than Terry’s! Next year, I add, we will have beetroot and rainbow chard. Yes, yes, YES!

allotment6 jul09

In the meantime, I plant and pick what I can – Terry thinned our two rows of parsnips for us, and donated his swede thinnings so we have a row of those – and admire the self sown beauties. Such as this poppy, nodding at me in the allotment car park.

allotment7 jul09

And when I have admired all I can, I walk to the edge of the plots and drink in the view.