The first to arrive, about two months ago, was Grace, daughter of Heather:

foalgrace jun09

M’father bought Heather last summer, already in foal, so Grace is going back to her breeder eventually.

A few weeks later, on the same night, Doris and Tinker gave birth. Doris produced a colt, named Duke after our beautiful Waterside Duke who died two years ago. Young Duke is a bolshy young boy, and Doris is a very hands (or should that be hooves?) off mother, which is why Duke is hanging around at the haystand with Grace rather than his mum.

foalduke jun09

Doris is probably in the other field, grazing away, so Duke hangs out with Grace and, if he can manage it, grabs a quick snack from Heather rather than bothering his mother.

Tinker produced an adorable filly named Belle:

foalbelle jun09

Belle loves to have her back scratched, and every time she finds a friendly scratcher she stretches out her top lip  so she looks rather like an anteater:

foalbelle2 jun09

And finally, this week Kizzy produced another filly, this one jet black.

foalclara jun09

M’father has christened her Clara.