There are dogs galore at Bramham, and so there are also dog entertainments. A group was running a ‘have a go at dog agility’ stand, so I volunteered m’husband to take Sparky round.

bramhamdog1 jun09

She obediently followed him, but her expression was utter bemusement. It was as if she kept saying ‘but why?’

bramhamdog2 jun09

She also very quickly twigged that he had a handful of treats, so would stop after every obstacle and look at him expectantly.

bramhamdog3 jun09

It took a while, and some encouragement, before she consented to go through the tube, which gave me the chance to get a shot of m’husband’s bum.

bramhamdog4 jun09

Once they made it to the table at the end, the trainer remarked that, as Sparks is so food-centred, she would be very trainable. However I doubt you would see the sort of dedication and enjoyment of the task that you get with the likes of a border collie.

bramhamdog5 jun09

Because with Sparky, it’s all about the treats.