bramhamchips jun09

I went to Bramham last Thursday to watch the hunter show, a bit of dressage,  and walk around the CCI*** cross country course. However, seeing as I was also introducing SarahP to the joys of horse trials, it meant Little Fish came along too.

Little Fish is now six months and very keen on solid food. His mother was planning to hold off on weaning for another month or so, but Little Fish had other ideas and would yowl frantically whenever anyone else was eating. At Bramham he decided that chips were the perfect finger food and did his level best to squash as many as possible into his mouth, over his face and into the fabric of his sling (see above).

On the way back to the car at the end of the day I remarked to Sarah that she had some green stuff on her trousers and, dare I say it, it looked a bit like cow poop. “Nope,” she said. “It’ll be Little Fish.” And it was. He had managed a directional green poop which shot down his leg and on to his mother, all without dirtying his own body suit. Genius.