This little sweet shop can be found on the seafront in Mablethorpe:

sweets1 apr09

It is a temple to the delights of boiled sugar syrup. Third-and-final son squealed with delight to find it stocked cola cubes; m’husband was ecstatic to discover fizzy cherry cola bottles and Turkish delight dipped in chocolate. I settled for a bag of kali and a small stick of rock to dip.

sweets apr09

Those who have never visited the east coast of England will not be acquainted with the delights of rock – sugar syrup boiled, flavoured, coloured and rolled into long cylinders, usually with the name of your chosen resort running the length of the stick. Manufacturers, the most famous of whom must be John Bull’s of Bridlington, have attempted to add some variety to the range by shaping and colouring it into many different things, so you can buy rock cigarettes, rock dummies (soothers), rock false teeth and rock bacon and egg , to name but a few, and these creations are the east coast holidaymaker’s souvenir of choice for family and friends back home.

In recent years they have also branched out into various shapes of marshmallow. We came home with small sticks of rock, big sticks of rock, rock teeth, rock shaped to look like little cakes, marshmallow sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, and a few strawberry chubbies (extra thick sticks of rock with a picture of a strawberry running through the middle).

I drew the line, however, at rock willies and boobies.