The best thing about weddings (and funerals), to my family’s mind, is the chance to get together. At yesterday’s event at the Botanic Gardens in Sheffield the bride and groom were almost incidental to the fun. I really should spend more time with my aunties, Joan and Margaret, because they are so much FUN. Here they are, relaxing on a bench outside the conservatory after the ceremony, with Joan’s daughter Natalie:

wedding3 may09

The benches which lined the main path down through the gardens were very popular with our party, with myself and m’sister joining the auntie party:

wedding4 may09

Aunties with their big brother, m’father:

wedding5 may09

No aunties on this one, from left, SIL Liv, cousin Nat, m’sister Lal, Liv’s little boy (who brought his own buffet) and me:

wedding6 may09

Not a Wrigglesworth auntie on this one, but an Asquith auntie – m’mother with her sister, Jean:

wedding7 may09

And now onto brothers on benches: Third-and-final son, Son-in-the-middle, Cute nephew and my other brother, Jimbob, who is father of cute nephew:

wedding8 may09

Then Firstborn Son (on the right) grabbed my camera for this shot of me, m’sister and son-in-the-middle:

wedding9 may09

I suppose, despite all our fun, we can’t ignore the bride and groom. Here they are, emerging from the atrium as man and wife. Lizzie wanted to get married in a garden and, as open air weddings are not legal in the UK, this was the next best thing:

wedding10 may09

Heading for their Rolls Royce and the reception:

wedding11 may09

We waved them into their car, then joined the queue at the ice cream van at the gates:

wedding12 may09