My baby brother, Matty Mumpo, is getting married today. I have been in a positive frenzy for work for the the past couple of weeks, driving so much I have burnt a personal hole in the ozone layer, on top of which I have been finding shirts and shoes for my boys, a hat, shoes and a bag for myself, picking up hire suits and making an extra wedding cake.

Cake is a cream cheese pound cake, covered in cream cheese frosting and trimmed with little sugar flowers (as suggested by my beautiful, marvellous, Auntie Joan in the supermarket when I was having a minor breakdown):

wedding1 may09

Hat as created by Gales Milliners in Dewsbury, employing a small navy straw base, big red flower found by me in Debenhams sale, and the shop’s blue feathers:

wedding2 may09

Yes, it is modelled here by a football. More will follow.