The polytunnel is cleaned, weeded and planted:

allotment1 may09

We have tomatoes, aubergines and basil in here, and broad beans, parsnips, potatoes (three varieties), onions, shallots, garlic, asparagus, rhubarb and various soft fruits coming through outside.

I washed the polytunnel with third-and-final son, while SarahP did the rest of the work in there. I’ve been feeling rather run down and hormonally conflicted so not contributing as much labour as I had planned. However Sarah is very kind and professes to be very happy that I do my share by keeping an eye on Little Fish, therefore giving her free hands to get on with things. 

Here he is, airing his bottom and doing a bit of pilates on the allotment on a sunny spring day:

allotment2 may09