My friend Jackie is stuck out in Basra, with the RAF, for another month or so. As she’s missing the glory of an English spring here are some nice green shots for her:

green1 may09

A well built wall near Barnard Castle.

green2 may09

Sparky scampers between the trees. We were at the Dales Pony Society spring show and previous experience has taught us that, no matter how sunny it looks, there is usually a bracing breeze blowing across the showground, so Sparky is wearing her hoody.

green3 may09

When Sparks is forced to hang around at the side of the ring watching showing classes she quickly becomes morose and whines piteously at any hint of a chill. However, once she is taken up into the copse away from the horses and allowed to run around she warms up very quickly, at which point I have to take her jumper off and carry it around – just like having an extra child!