I love my camera, but I also regularly forget to pick it up and take it with me. Consequently, if I want to capture a moment I have to use the camera on my phone and no one really gets to see the pictures but me. After hearing me curse about the lack of a camera once too often, m’husband went out and bought me a little chip for my phone which enables me to transfer pics from phone to computer! I am very very grateful to his tech savvy-ness.

Here’s a random selection:


Third-and-final son, with wild and woolly footballer’s hair, at his final sports day at primary school – two years ago now.


Third-and-final, plus son-in-the-middle, on the beach at Harlyn Bay, again two years ago. We’re heading back there this year, and m’husband and I are very very happy about that. Fabulous place.


This is Waterside Alick, full brother to my beloved and much-missed Dougie, at the Dales Pony Society Performance Show, August 2007. On this occasion Alick was ably ridden by my youngest brother’s fiancee, and that’s my baby brother, aka Matty Mumpo, on the right.

More to follow. Got to get my butt up to the allotment and dig to take my mind off the state of my finances.