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It’s nearly a whole year since Alice was born.

She’s gone from this:


To this:


She’s something of a gawky teenager at present, but we’re convinced she’s going to be beautiful. She certainly has bags of personality. As well as having learnt how to be an escape artist from Tinker, she has taken to barging the wired up gateway to m’sister’s chicken run in order to eat the chicken feed. And no, she isn’t hungry, merely, I think, intrigued by the challenge.

She is going to be an absolute star.



Alick and Jasmine relaxing out in the early evening sun.

Beautiful things #1: wild garlic in the woods


Beautiful things #2: Fly and Sparky crashing through said garlic, looking beautiful and releasing the most incredible scent:


Beautiful things #3: Tree roots twining around themselves and the earth:


Life is beautiful.

We had a few days away in Mablethorpe, on the Lincolnshire coast.


Gorgeous Blue Flag beach.


Blue Flag means dogs aren’t allowed on the main part from May to September, but it’s so big that’s not much of a restriction.


It’s a really tat town. Full of cheapo shops and not much else.


And when the beach is so lovely I really don’t care.

When I first met her I thought she was psycho, owing to the fact that her hackles were permanently raised.


She’s Maddie, a small and feisty Parson Russell bitch. When you take her out for a walk you realise that the psycho element is because she’s slightly agoraphobic. Maddie hasn’t been maltreated, just kept in kennels all her life until she joined Willis and m’sister at their house in the middle of a field, so she is frightened by the big wide world and will flee back to the comfort of her cage any chance she gets.

Maddie is actually happier on the lead than off it. I think she finds it reassuring.



She is not at all tolerant of Willis and Sparky’s attempts to play.


Which is fine up until she decides to go exploring the other side of a tree or wall.