Holly, the 10-year-old springer spaniel and eternal toddler, died this morning due to pancreatis and heart failure.


Holly, seen here playing tug-of-war with Sparky, was always ready for a walk, especially if it involved woods and water.


She was bred as a working gun dog, but after being dumped at a rescue kennel she was adopted by SarahP and her hubby. Holly became very vocal when there was anything exciting going on (like water, or things to fetch) and Sarah believed that was why she had been got rid of as it made her no good as a working dog.


Despite being diagnosed with heart problems a couple of years ago, Holly’s zest for life never failed her. Her illness and death came as a double surprise because the dog we’ve been watching anxiously is Ben the Great Dane, seen here looking on at the tug-of-war, as he is noticeably going downhill by the week. Holly was fine and dandy until about a week ago.


Holly belonged in the woods and water. If there is a doggy heaven, I think it must look like this:


Rest in peace, Hol.