It’s Red Nose Day! Here’s son-in-the-middle and third-and-final son dressed in red, with noses on, ready for non-uniform day at school.

After dressing and filling their schoolbags they tried to raid my purse for the £1 donation each was required to give in order to enjoy a day without uniform. I pointed out that seeing as I had bought the noses, chipped in several times already to various Red Nose collection buckets, and funded Middle’s red clothes buying spree, I thought they should be making their own contribution.

M’husband had already tried to argue with Son-in-the-middle that maybe, just maybe, funds should be donated to charity rather than spent on new red plimsols (see below).


Middle was having none of it. And, I have to say, part of the loveliness of Red Nose Day for me is the feelgood factor – that you’re actually being encouraged to have a good laugh and enjoy yourself at the same time as donating to some extremely worthwhile causes. I am teaching tonight, so I’m going to take along some Red Nose muffins and ask class members for a donation.