SarahP took me and BabyF (henceforth to be known as Little Fish) to Crufts to admire the dogs. It was the first visit for both me and Little Fish and, once we had managed to tear SarahP away from the Irish wolfhounds (her heart dog) we were both quite impressed.


The wolfhounds kept eyeing up Little Fish as if he was a tasty snack.


SarahP assured me that they are actually very gentle. Unfortunately for those with small children, these dogs are so big they don’t have a clue where all their limbs are. Once he was mobile, Sarah’s elder son,Young Aragorn, learnt to flatten himself against a wall as soon as he heard one of their wolfhounds coming through the house. 


More big dogs: an Afghan hound having a relaxing grooming session.


Two otterhounds; another of Sarah’s favourites. I could understand this fixation with big dogs more if she wasn’t so totally not a bloodsports person.


A borzoi (a type of Russian wolfhound, I think Sarah said. And yes, she wanted one of those as well, plus a bloodhound. Sheesh).


Me, I lost my heart to this handsome boy: A Belgian shepherd dog, who was actually there for the obedience classes


I was also extremely taken by this little fella; a wirehaired daschund.


Son-in-the-middle is desperate for a daschund, and if one like this came available I would be hard pushed to say no. Best friend Ruthie, however, looked at my pictures, sucked her teeth and started muttering about slipped discs.


And the prize for the best ‘take me home, I’ve had enough’ face goes to the Basset Griffon Vendeen. Perhaps one day I’ll get a basset – preferably a Basset Fauve de Bretagne. Sorry, I didn’t manage to get a decent picture. Just take it from me, they’re adorable, yet also look like good fun and not too hard to keep clean and healthy.