There’s a small area of woodland, on the top of the hill above Bretton village, which is used for cut timber. Consequently, there’s always something interesting to see when I walk Sparky out that way.


I like looking at the log stacks, and the different sizes of tree trunk and branch.


Damp wood means fabulous fungi.



I love to see how little pockets of grass and plants establish themselves when the logs are left undisturbed for a while.


I took this shot using the panoramic setting. That’s Emley Moor Mast in the haze on the hill on the right. At this point Sparks and I are on the green lane running from the woods down to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – a lovely walk with wonderful views.


Back in the woods, I stopped to admire the moss cushion growing on top of a small stump. The glory of that green makes me glad to be alive to see it.