I’ve had enough of looking at snow (yes, despite rain and sleet, snow is still lurking on the shady side of the streets and valleys) so I went looking for a holiday pic and found this one in the files for 2005:


My babies with their body boards on the beach at Porthcurno. 2005 wasn’t that warm a summer – there’s another pic taken on the same day of me coming out of the sea looking absolutely perished – but at least we weren’t washed out or snowed under.

This was also long before it had occured to me that I, as a mother of three boys, would be hearing things like this:

Me: What’s that mark on your chin?

Firstborn: I burnt it with my hair straighteners.

And this, in the supermarket:

Son-in the-middle: I need more styling putty and hairspray.

Me: What, both? Have you seen the price of those? How about this own brand version?

Son-in-the-middle: No, I want the VO5 all-weather hold spray.

How times change.