Sparky offered to be my model as I took out my camera yesterday to try the snow setting.


This trial would have been more effective if I had remembered to also take some pictures without said snow setting. I may try that today if all doesn’t turn to slush.


Big sky and the water tower. In normal conditions, when I stand here I am treated to the sound of birdsong (skylarks, possibly? I am not that good on birds) but not today. I do love looking at sky that’s so blue, however.


Then looking the other way, down the Calder valley. It’s difficult to get a clear view with the low winter sun, so I am looking forward to heading up here in midsummer. Sparky was very fed up by this point – for while I was finding the snow satisfactorily crunchy, the frozen surface layer was just  thick enough to support her light weight for a split second before each foot in turn would go through with a slight ‘pop’.

We are left with a combination of snow, ice and slush, and there’s a waiting game for Thursday when we are forecast to get either snow or rain.