Heavy snow. Heaviest for at least 12 years, and more forecast to come tonight. So I cancelled tonight’s antenatal class (rather than face six pregnant women slithering around in the car park in one of the higher points of Kirklees), drove carefully into town and then had a very enjoyable walk in the snow with Sparky.



The statues in front of the viaduct.


The first floor of one of the unused mill buildings on Bradford Road.


Looking down onto town from the top of Caulms Wood. It was nearly 5 o’clock when I took these pics and getting a little dark, so my first attempts (using the ‘snow landscape’ setting on my camera) didn’t work out. Then m’husband (a former professional photographer) suggested I use the stabilization setting instead, and this pic and the following one came out great. snow5-feb09

It’s lovely snow. Really dry and powdery. From Siberia, apparently. We shall order more of that variety for next year as it is far superior to the soggy flakes we normally have to put up with.