The sun is shining, and as I scratted round in the big field trying to find Sparky’s ball-on-a-rope I could swear I could smell the clover growing. The season has definitely got a turned-towards-spring feel. Which means we’ll have a big freeze tomorrow.

Must go and sort out my seed collection. I have volunteered to assist SarahP with her allotment, seeing as she has a new baby and all. I wanted my own allotment, but as soon as I mention it m’husband groans and mutters about all the things that need doing around the house and garden. Maybe next year. Or maybe I could get one next door to SarahP’s and we could have chickens and vegetables!


I took this pic of the rhubarb in the back garden last year, in February. Not long to go before this year’s shoots should be appearing. Which reminds me, I was going to dig it out and manure the bed before replanting. I think I need to add some tidying up the garden tasks to my To Do list.