I think I need a better description to go with ‘Stroppy Brunette’s Stuff’. ‘People’ and ‘places’ – well, they happen, but ‘psychology’ seems to have mainly consisted of me whinging about my research project. I thought of these:

Stroppy Brunette’s Stuff: Diary of a Dogwalker

Stroppy Brunette’s Stuff: Always Under the Weather

I like the weather idea because I am soooo preoccupied with it. I am English, after all. But under the weather sounds like I’m even more miserable than in reality so… any other suggestions welcome. My sibs would probably support this one:

Stroppy Brunette’s Stuff: Way too much thinking going on

As they all complain that I think too much, even though they vary between not thinking enough and thinking as much as, if not more than, me.

I shall have to keep thinking about this strapline business. In the meantime, here are a few pics to support the first two suggestions:


Hazy winter sunshine, taken from the ruins of Howley Hall, last week. I, along with most other Brits, forget how far north our little island is. We take our temperate climate and the seasonal variations in daylight entirely for granted, then I talk to US friends who, despite living much further south, are shivering in winter temps of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank heaven for the Gulf Stream.


Sparky sniffing round the ruins of Howley Hall. Nice place to go for a walk – it’s high up on the hill, so nice and bright in nearly all weathers. The only problem is in the winter when, as seen above, the sun is so low as to somewhat obscure your enjoyment of the view.


Sparky in the sun. I don’t know what I’d do without my beautiful dog. She gets me outside no matter what the weather or my mood, and she’s so happy to be out that her mood is contagious.