The sun is shining today, thankfully, as up to and around Christmas we had so much low cloud and fog I was nearly insane. I start to feel like the sky is a low ceiling pressing down on me. Unfortunately, although the sky has cleared the fog has insinuated itself into my head and I’m feeling rather low. I think I’m still feeling emotionally run down, and I can also feel the need for a career shift coming on. No dramatic action though; I’ll just keep my ear to the ground and stay calm. Inspiration will arise, I’m sure.

Here are a few cloudy pictures.


Visibility wasn’t too bad once we got into the field at m’sister’s, but I had to drive over the high ground behind Kizzy to get there. I nearly stopped dead on a fast road when I hit one particularly thick patch, as I could see nothing except a hint of kerb.


Alice says hello. She is weaned now, with Kizzy keeping her company while Doris gets a break from motherhood. Alice is a very friendly foal; she’ll say hello, then wander off to find food, then you feed a tap on your back and she’s right there behind you again.


The donkey lives, with his friends, in the field next door. The blurs on the right are Sparky and Willis having a mad half-hour.

Roll on summer.