Everything I read, I come across people saying they aren’t sending Christmas cards because it’s a waste of money/ not ecofriendly/ why bother when we have the internet etc etc.

I take their points, but I would like to add an alternative point of view – one of the loveliest things I know is getting proper post. Post with nice white envelopes and stamps, containing thoughts from a friend or relation, rather than franked brown envelopes containing an invoice, credit card statement or reminder to book a cervical smear test.

Consequently I will never abandon sending Christmas cards, and I also try to send most of mine through the post, rather than hand delivering them. Admittedly my mailout is rather late this year, as I spent nearly a week trying to find my address book, but most of them are on their way right now and it feels good.


Here are my favourite cards for sending out this year. I bought two packs at the Horse of the Year Show. I always look out for cards which involve Christmas carols, as I love singing them, and the horses, dogs and sheep involvement made them perfect.


However it was a mistake buying only two packs. I did this as we have a box full of cards left over from previous years and I wanted to use them up, but once I started writing I loved the new cards so much I wanted to send them to all my closest friends and relations. Unfortunately I ran out too soon, but on the good side it means I absolutely must get to HOYS again next year so I can buy more.

Go on, do it! Think of a friend and post them a card.