The sun is low, even at midday, but the light in the woods is still good.


Willis explores a frozen puddle.


Of course, to get to these picturesque places I had to walk over sheet ice.  I was only saved from sliding along on my backside by the fact that I have abandoned fancy boots for my wellies. Don’t know if it’s because they’re rubber, or I walk differently in them, or that they support my wobbly ankles, but I am much more secure on my feet in a pair of Dunlop’s cheapest than the fanciest walking boots.


The following day we woke up to several inches of snow. Great excitement! Especially seeing as all three boys got the day off school and college. However the whiteout didn’t last long. The eaves were dripping onto me and my camera as I took these pics just after 9am, and it was nearly all gone by lunchtime.


Third-and-final son resisted attempts to make him wear a woolly hat, instead donning a plastic soldier’s helmet to protect him against snowballs. All three boys were soaking wet in half an hour, and spent most of the day playing computer games in front of the fire.