It’s snowing this morning in Dewsbury! Okay, so it’s just a few flakes, but it feels good to me, especially seeing as it’s also December 1.


On Saturday night me, m’husband and third-and-final son went down to the Christmas lights switch on in Dewsbury. It wasn’t as good an event as in previous years – the main attraction (apart from the lights) seemed to be rides on a seaside donkey – but it still stirred my Christmas spirit.


Below you will find the main attraction as far as m’husband is concerned. I managed to force one down, even though I was aghast at the spelling and grammar.


The hot chestnut stand looked nice and traditional, unfortunately m’husband loathes all nuts and refused to spend any money there.


The burger van was popular, although at times it seemed about to disappear in a cloud of cooking vapour.


People speaking an unidentifiable language (Romany? Albanian?) were wandering round selling flashing swords, wands and deely-boppers.


A string of lights along Foundry Street.


Dewsbury Minster had advertised a carol service starting half an hour after the lights switched on. I had thought about attending, but then we had to get home to await a call from son-in-the-middle who was on his way home from Sheffield. I did think they had missed a trick – never mind waiting for people to go across into the church, we should have had carol sheets handed out as we were waiting for the lights to go on and been able to belt out a few rousing numbers to keep us warm in the freezing fog. The Pulse FM van wasn’t enough.