Birstall is an old, old village. It’s not that big, and has been getting a little run down, but in its heyday it was part of the pre-industrial textile trade and consequently home to some of the first Luddites. Now the market place, small though it is, has had a revamp and, today, played host for the first time to an Italian Market.


Beautiful veggies. Just look at the shine on those tomatoes.


Yummy pastries. These had chocolate paste in the middle and chocolate chips on top. I split one with my sister-in-law and my one year old nephew opened his mouth very wide for his share.


Giant loaves of sourdough bread – yum, yum,yum. Perfect with the carrot and cheese soup I made yesterday.


The olive oils were incredible, and I bought two bottles for Christmas presents.



We were also treated to a couple of street performers with a wheeled gondola and a stereo blasting out Italian classics. Although possibly the funniest moment was when one of the Italian stallholders was heard asking what they were singing, so obviously these are ‘Italian’ classics a la England rather than your genuine article.

The Italian Market is on again tomorrow, so if you are anywhere near Birstall give it a go. The little cakes looked great, but I’d spent up by the time I got there so I decided not to torture myself by taking a photo. Sorry.