Having a gander – do you get it? Or is that just a Yorkshire-ism? Anyway, I was out with Sparks and Pippa the other day when I spotted this herd of wild Canada (I think) geese feeding and honking quietly in the field alongside the track.


For once, I had my camera with me, so I fished it out of my pocket and crept up on them as quietly as I could. The honking picked up a little and the flock waddled away from me slightly, but I kept moving.


At this point Sparky, who had been keeping Pippa firmly in her place and sniffing to see which other dogs had been along recently, spotted what I was moving in on, fixed her eyes on the centre of the flock and started trotting towards them. Every goose head rose, the honking developed a definite note of alarm and, as Sparky moved into a sprint, they waddled rapidly across the field and took off.


They looked magnificent (if slightly offended) as they swept round and down the valley, honking in outrage as they went. Unfortunately, my camera wasn’t up to the task of capturing that moment. M’husband has offered to buy me a new camera for Christmas, but I don’t think any camera of the size I like to carry would be up to scenic shots of geese and sky.