Brimham Rocks is possibly my sons’ favourite place in the whole world. Big rocks and woods. Unlimited climbing and shouting. Sparky is pretty keen on it too.



Tucking into pasties, sausage rolls and soup up by the snack bar. The only downside to Brimham is that it is also popular with middle class parents of small children for many miles around, so when you’re queuing for your hot snack you hear many cries of “Alex! Put that down!” and “No, no, daddy carry!” Plus assorted toddler tantrums. However, if you are expecting, it’s a good place to go and work out what names to avoid for your little one.


I love it because of the trees growing out of rock crevices. I am amazed by them, and can gaze on them with awe for ages.


Sparky prefers the bits that have fallen off.