Autumn is not my favourite season, as it reminds me that before too long I’ll be trudging through the damp dark misery of January and February. However it gains some redemption in that a) the colours are good and b) it means Christmas is coming. Which is why I particularly liked the pic I took today; a magnificent fir tree in lovely green, glossy glory, against a backdrop of flaming golden beech trees.

I have been on Amazon this week, buying Christmas presents. Books, jigsaws and DVDs are all excellent gifts, in my opinion. Far superior to toiletries and those gift packs you get in certain shops, where what you’re really paying for is a fancy cardboard outer which makes wrapping much easier. However the award for Christmas insanity must go to Pets at Home, whose Christmas catalogue contained a two page spread of gifts for ‘Puppy’s First Christmas’ – and all in those oh-so-tasteful cream and neutral colours which characterise Mamas and Papas baby range.

I shall keep my eyes peeled for more insane gift suggestions, also for the first house to put up a Christmas tree. I refuse to contemplate bringing in the tree or putting up decorations until the weekend before Christmas Day, however I love to look out for them in other people’s houses. My camera is poised. Await developments.