Thank god the US elections are over. I got so caught up in it yesterday (despite not living in the country and having no vote) that I forgot to get my MSc results.

Thankfully, when the result flashed onto my TV screen this morning I remember that I also had something to collect. The research project earned me 65 out of a possible 90, so I gained my Masters with a merit.

Consequently I’ve been searching for a suitably celebratory picture. I don’t have anything on this computer with an academic theme, but what I did find is this picture from 2005.


That’s m’sister, on Doris, and one of the things that distracted me from impending results yesterday was going shopping with m’sister for the first time in ages (she’s not a keen shopper). We had a great time, and a good laugh, similar to this day three years ago when we took Doris out. The weather may be wet and gloomy, but I love being out with my sister and I get a big buzzy feeling – a bit like the relieved buzzy feeling I get for having gained the MSc.