Stuff #1: It’s half term, so coherent thought is beyond me. Even though m’husband has taken son-in-the-middle, third-and-final, and dog away for a few days, that means me and my beloved firstborn are still here to wind one another up. Yesterday I cracked and shrieked at him in the middle of a phone conversation with m’mother, because he was pestering and trying to get me out of the study so he could go on the computer. M’mother’s response was very calm: “Rescue remedy?”

Stuff #2: It’s cold. Very cold. I don’t like cold. We still haven’t got around to installing a wood-burning stove in the dining room, and we don’t have central heating (don’t particularly want it, either) so my main daytime heat comes from an elderly gas fire which I think is coming to the end of its life. Probably needs a good clean and service to see us through this winter, then the money must be found for the woodburner in the spring.

Stuff #3: Things are looking up on the work front, with the prospect of an NHS contract. Which means I really really need to get myself more organised. However homeworking has been further compromised by:

Stuff #4: I finally got round to sorting out my facebook password and am now participating. Wasted half an hour this morning checking up on friends and doing the ‘Which Disney princess are you?’ quiz. I’m Belle, by the way, which I find quite appropriate because she’s a reader and pretty practical for a Disney princess. Then I did the ‘which Will and Grace character are you?’ quiz, and got Jack. Which I can’t see at all, personally.

Stuff #5: Facebook let me choose a Christmas tree! So I picked a pretty white traditional one. I was drawn to the gold plated with jewels tree, but decided I shouldn’t be quite so grasping. Now I’ll be wasting more time every day checking to see if anyone has sent me presents. And, shock horror, m’sister phoned to ask if I wanted to go Christmas shopping with her! This is unheard of for my sis, so I wasn’t going to say no. However I then pulled out my planner and could offer her only one evening: Tuesday November 4. I’m teaching every other weekday evening in November apart from a couple of Fridays. But she was happy with that, so we’re headed to Meadowhall next week. Sis thinks she’s going to get everything she wants in M&S, but I’m sure I can contrive to get her further into the mall.

So, today’s pictures. Autum leaves, because I loved the shades on the leaves and also the stalks. I really like to see green and gold combinations, and the way the autumn fade moves across the tree.